• 28 ноября 2018, среда
  • Москва, Шаболовка д 26


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548 дней назад
28 ноября 2018 c 19:00 до 20:30
Шаболовка д 26

What is time? Do you notice its flow? How to use time effectively? These and other questions will be discussed in the warm atmosphere of our speaking anti-club.

We, the speaking anti-club #poboltaem?, are ready to announce our next meeting which will be held on the 28st, November! This time we are going to speak English and Spanish!

The place is the same — we will wait for you at Shabolovka, 26.

For those who attended our first event we recommend only applying for a place in a room as fast as you can, since the number of participants is limited. You already know what we are ready to provide you with at the event, so just remember to take good mood with you)))

For the newcomers we are glad to expain why you should at least once attend our meeting! You will:

Meet new people and spend spare time in a pleasant conversation

Discuss thorny issues of modern society

Play unusual games and solve tasks to relax and look on the bright side of the problem

And most important — practice your speaking skills!

We wait for both Russian and international students, who want to express their opinions on the topic in different languages. Even if you cannnot do it without some mistakes, it’s not a problem! Our club is a place where you can feel free to express your thoughts — don’t be shy!

#poboltaem? — our page in vk

#poboltaem? — and in facebook


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